Hello, in this new section we will try to keep you up to date on what is happening, not happening or we would like to happen on the site.Also, many of the Sunderland photographs have been greatly enhanced by the addition of captions supplied by Len Charlton, an ex Sunderland lad now in his eighties and living in Abingdon, Oxfordshire. Not all of Len's captions have hit the site yet but should do soon. Also in the Sunderland section Alf Redford has supplied some interesting Shipyard photographs and Ally some cracking shots of the East End. For those of you still waiting for the maps we should have them up and running soon. Please let us know if there is anything you would like to see on the site or anything you could add, photographs or memories. Lastly, why is everyone so shy? only one in every 150 or so visitors leaves a message or asks a question, we can usually help with anything to do with the Greater Seaham area. If you would like to have an email sent to you after every web update  please click the link  Below .Your email address will be kept private and will never be given to any 3rd party.


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December 2009


Bob Williams brought me a copy of this new book today, 56 A5 pages it is available from Robinson's Hardware in Middle Street, Horden or by post from Harry Archbold, 0191 586 3661.

The book is £3-50 and Postage is 74p




25 modern aerial photographs of Seaham each approx 9" x 7" available from my shops in Seaham, price £4-95 or by post from the author Robert Hunter, contact, enquiries@flyingfotos.co.uk
Aerial photographs of many NE towns can be seen on Robert's website http://www.northeastenglandfromtheair.co.uk/

Robert allows me free access to hundreds of his photographs for use on this site.




Sport Boxing day
Beaches Boxing day
Dalton le Dale Dene Boxing day
Seaham South Dock Boxing day
Fulwell Boxing day
Groups & Workers Christmas Day
Sunderland East End Christmas Day
Sunderland Transport Christmas Day
Mill inn area Thursday 24th
Dalton le Dale Village Thursday 24th
Ryhope & Silksworth Thursday 24th
Sunderland Various Thursday 24th

St Mary's Church at Old Seaham around noon today, Sunday 20th December.

A wedding was about to take place and the couple had apparently hired a snow machine to set the scene for their Christmas wedding photographs
I wonder if they will get a refund.   Dave

Sorry, too busy to get anything new on site this weekend but will try to have something new for everyone at Christmas.








PARADES ETC Sunday 13th
Lifeboats Saturday 12th
Groups and workers Saturday 12th
Londonderry lines....,,,,,NEW Friday 11th
Centenary of Seaham....NEW Friday 11th


November 2009


Jazz Bands Saturday 28th New

Dalton-le-Dale (Co Durham) and Wacton ( Herefordshire) 1841-1901

Saturday 28th  New.
Article on the woodworkers of Dalton le Dale by Mike Tovey Sunday 22nd
Vane Tempest Sunday 22nd
Seaham Colliery Sunday 22nd
Image Restorations  12 Friday 20th
Sunderland / Deptford Sunday 15th
Sport Sunday 15th
Houghton Sunday 15th
Sunderlan / River Sunday 15th
Image restorations  11 Sunday  8th

North Dock, new photographs and
bigger files throughout section

Saturday 7th




October 2009

Dawdon Colliery Saturday 31st
Dawdon pit pond Sunday 24th  NEW
The George Elmy Diagram Saturday 24th
Streets Various Sunday 18th
Streets Central area Sunday 18th
Docks General Sunday 18th
Bottle Works Sunday 18th
Sport Sunday 18th
Streets / North Terrce Sunday 11th
Parades Sunday 11th
Colliery Streets Saturday 10th


Malcolm Fraser who helps out so much on this site with his great hand coloured photographs and captions has collaborated
with Stephen Lockwood in the production of this book.





Are you interested in photographs of old Sunderland?


Norman Kirtlan's cd, "The Streets of Old Sunderland" which used to contain about 500 photographs has now grown into a DVD with a massive 1500+ photographs of the city plus a movie taken in the town centre and Seaburn in 1903.

This amazing record of Greater Sunderland is unbelievably priced at only £5 plus postage 50p (UK) £1 (overseas).

Don't miss it.


September  09

Durham City Sunday 27th
Horden Sunday 27th
Southwick Sunday 27th
Sunderland East End Sunday 27th
George Elmy section Sunday 27th
Lifeboats Sunday 27th
Seaburn Sunday 27th
Dalton Le Dale Dene Sunday 20th
Seaham Colliery Disaster Sunday 20th    New
Dawdon Sunday 20th
Sunderland Town Centre Sunday 20th
South Dock Extrensions Sunday 20th
Groups and workers Sunday 20th
Dock Storm Sunday 20th


Sunderland Various Sun 13th
Sunderland..Monkwearmouth Sun 13TH
Ryhope and Silksworth Sun 13th
Sunderland--River Sun 13th
Maps Seaton 1855  Sat 12th
Mill Inn area  Sat 12th
Church Street      Sat 12th
Sunderland Transport  Sunday 6th
North Terrace               Sunday 6th
Seaham / Maps old/ 1774  Sunday 6th




August 09

Monday 31st
Amateur Operatic Society
Ryhope & Silksworth


Sunday 30th

Sunderland Town Centre


Saturday 29th


South Shields Transpor



Sunday 22nd

Groups and workers


Sunday 16th

Seaham Hall
Docks General
Aerials Modern
Sunderland's River
South Dock


Monday 10th

Picture Restoration 9 and 10


Sunday 9th

Seaham Colliery

Seaham Hall






A Brand new site offering free advertisements..have a go its free
This site is in no way connected to east-durham.co.uk

you must first create an account then you will be able to put items on for sale...this is new and a bit of an experiment so please help and have a go




Sunday 2nd


Ryhope and Silksworth

Dalton le Dale Dene

Image Restorations

Old Seaham character  Poem..NEW





Friday 31st

A Journey through life   New
Dawdon Colliery
Vane Tempest Colliery
Seaham Colliery
Dalton le Dale Village
Dalton le Dale Church
Seaham / South Dock


Sunday 26th

Seaham Carnival 2009...New

Saturday 25th

Byrons walk
Church Street


Sunday 19th

South Dock Panorama


Saturday 18th

Colliery streets   update
Mill Inn area


Sunday 12 July

North dock  Update
South Dock   Update
Docks from the North  Update
Amateur Operatic Society  New



June 2009

Monday 1st June 09


Groups and workers


6th June

1st June





May 2009



Saturday 30th May 09

The George Elmy lifeboat Progress can be seen by using the link on the navigation bar on the left side of the page under news and developments link.  George Elmy

Updates and pictures of the rebuild will be published there as and when available.




PETER DENT (Seaham Scenes)


It is with regret that I tell you of the death of Peter Dent.

Peter, who owned and ran the very popular website, Seaham Scenes (http://www.seahamscenes.com/) died in a motorcycle accident near Ullapool while touring Scotland with friends.

Great lad, great site, he will be sadly missed.

Dave Angus




Purchase and transport costs of bringing the George Elmy back to Seaham were £1580.
This amount was kindly loaned by Tommy Smith, a local fisherman.
If you would like to contribute towards Seaham Heritage Group's repayment of this loan please contact me at dave@east-durham.co.uk and I will let you know how to proceed.

A list of contributors will be published on this site.

Read about the George Elmy Lifeboat here 


Seaham/ Hall 25th May update
Seaton 25th May update
Volunteers 17th May update
Murton 17th May update
Transport 17th May update
Ryhope 17th May update
Sunderland / Transport 17th May update
Sunderland / various 17th May update
Seaburn 16th May update
Sunderland river 16th May update
Southwick 16th May update
Seaham / lifeboats 16th May update
Sunderland Town Centre 16th May update
Sunderland East End 16th May update


Blackhall 10th May update
Sunderland / Various 10th May New


ALLY, in March 2008 you sent me three photographs of the East End of Sunderland, if you read this will you please get in touch.

Dave     dave@east-durham.co.uk



Humbledon Pumping Station 5th May New
Ryhope Pumping Station 5th May New


New forum Logging in problems
Please make sure that cookies are accepted from our site, You will find these setting in internet explorer...Tools/internet options/ security/ advanced/ 

Cut and paste this site address into the  accepted site




Seaham / Dalton Pumping Station 5th May New
The Bottleworks 3rd May update
Eating out in Seaham 2nd May new




April 2009



Keith seems to have ironed out the problems we were having with the new forum when it went online last weekend, so if you gave up on it, give it another try it should be ok now.


Here is a link to historical and current day maps of County Durham



Dave twisting again

When emailing me please try to leave all previous correspondence attached.

I know many of you are new to the internet so here's how... right click on previous mail in your inbox and choose "reply" or "forward" or cut and paste relevant old emails into a new mail message. Still not sure? just email anyway, I'll cope.

I am delighted to receive your queries contributions and suggestions but I receive anywhere between 10 and 30+ emails every day, 35 yesterday, and finding earlier correspondence can be very time consuming, the search facility on my Outlook Express must be in need of a total refit, a bit like me!!




Houghton update update
Groups & workers 25th April update
History/ Shipping coal 1875 25th April new


Tom Cooper 1902-1985, Tom was an immense help to me when I started collecting Seaham photographs in the 70s and 80s, he had a vast knowledge of Seaham and in our daily chats put names to faces, streets and workplaces. It was Tom who allowed me know and understand early Seaham. Much of the information in the book "Seaham, The First Hundred Years" was down to or verified by Tom and my website would not be the same without his input.

Sadly Tom died a short while before the Seaham book was published in 1985 so he never saw it in print.

Dave Angus




Dawdon Colliery 19th April update
Docks (General) 19th April update
Engravings 19th April update
Sunderland (Monkwearmouth) 19th April update
Groups and workers 19th April update


The Londonderry ship "Lord Stewart" was torpedoed off Devon at the end of WW1, she is still intact and upright on the seabed, a tour of the wreck can be found at




Our new forum came on line yesterday and it seems to be working brilliantly so far. Keith has spent many hours tailoring the system to our needs so please spend a little time checking it out. User CP (control panel) and FAQ will give you an idea of the options available on this exciting new feature.  

Facilities include the options to tailor the forum to your own needs, form chat groups with like minded people, upload photographs and text into your own gallery etc etc and it is fast.   

It  was not cheap at $180 but this was for outright purchase of the programme, subsequent running costs will only be £5 per month to pay for the database facility on the server so it will be cheaper to run than the first forum.

I am only banging on about the costs involved and the many hours involved in setting up a complex system such as this in the hope that everyone will use it more and that it will become the focal point of the site.

Around 2500 people visit the site every week, of these only about 10% come in on search engines, the site has become a community, a community of people with a shared interest, people who visit the site regularly but do not talk to each other, I hope the new forum will change that.

Best wishes and hope to hear from you soon.

Dave          Go the the Forum


WW1 European War Graves 

video display By John & Kathleen Anderson.

File size 8mb download

13th April 2009 update
Seaton  New photographs and captions throughout the section 13th April 2009 update
Houghton 13th April 2009 update
New professional grade forum 11th April 2009 new
Shoebox / Marion Johnson 11th April 2009 update
History / WW1 Seaham Memorials 10th April 2009 New
A Brief History of Seaham. 10th April 2009 New

South Shields transport

5th April 2009 Update

South Shields

5th April 2009 Update


5th April 2009 Update


5th April 2009 Update




March 2009


Shoebox / Wallace

4th April 2009 NEW

Shoebox / Gray

4th April 2009 NEW

Durham city

4th April 2009 Update


New 29 March 2009

31 pages

 HAPPY DAYS, the life story of Alice Willcocks (1912-2008). I knew Alice for the last 50 years of her life, she was bright, funny and could talk for England - a lovely lady. Her life is here in great detail, if you weren't lucky enough to know Alice in life you can know her now. Dave Angus

Click here to find out more




SLIDE SHOWS     Malcolm Fraser, our resident tram enthusiast, gives free digital slide shows on the long-gone local tram systems. The Sunderland District Tramways, for example, ran from Houghton le Spring to Easington Lane, Fencehouses, Shiney Row, Herrington, Silksworth, Ryhope and Grangetown. Malcolm’s pictures show how these places used to be between 1905 and 1925. Other programmes are Sunderland Corporation between 1879 and 1954 and South Shields from 1882 to 1946. The shows are interesting for members of local history groups or anyone else who likes a bit of nostalgia. If you are interested, contact us on this site and we will pass your message on to Malcolm


Seaham Soldiers,
 Seamen and Airmen in the Great War 1914-1918

We are currently putting together a new  section dealing with Seaham men and women who served in WW1. Much of the information and almost all of the photographs will come from the huge resource of John and Kathleen Anderson with input from Brian Scollen and George Turns.

If you can contribute anything to this massive project, portraits, photographs or information please send it in to or contact  dave@east-durham.co.uk  and let the world know the men and women, your ancestors, who  survived or died in this terrible war .

Please help, I am sure that these people, fathers, sons, mothers and daughters, now all dead would appreciate you spending a little time to earn them the recognition they deserve.     Thank-you....Dave 





84 new or improved captions in STREETS - Various Streets and Central Area plus some new photographs in the SHOPS section

A few new photographs under RAILWAYS from around 100 mainly rail and dock photographs kindly loaned to us by Stafford Linsley

Links below

Shops 22nd March-09


Railways 22nd March-09


Streets various 22nd March-09


Streets central area 22nd March-09



New Shotton Section, 18 photographs, just enough to warrant a section of it's own BUT that's all I have, it isn't going to get any better unless you Shotton folk send some photographs in.


14th March-09


South Shields Transport 14th March-09


Sunderland Transport 14th March-09


I have just read a book given to me by Bob Williams, "Between the Wars, Childhood Memories of Horden", a brilliantly written, 89 page, highly detailed account of life in a mining village in the 1920s and 30s by William A Healy. It is available from Easington District Council Offices at £3-60 (I think). ..Dave


SEABURN 14th March-09



A few new captions and a couple of very nicely hand coloured photographs in the Sunderland and South Shields Transport sections courtesy of Malcolm Fraser, at last we have found someone who knows his trams (he found us actually and recognised a needy case when he saw it)

South Shields Transport 8th March-09


Sunderland Transport 8th March-09


Named Faces in sections B, G, S, T. 8th March-09


Shoebox / Marion Johnson 7th March-09


Murton 1st March-09


Railways 1st March-09


Image restoration 1st March-09


Ryhope 1st March-09


Shoebox / Armfield  nee Wilkinson 1st March-09


February 2009

Sunderland Transport 28th Feb-09


Sunderland Town centre 28th Feb-09


Newcastle Transport 28th Feb-09


Hetton 28th Feb-09


Mining U.S.A 28th Feb-09


Shoebox / Armfield  nee Wilkinson 21st Feb-09


Photograhic restoration 15th Feb-09


Sport 13th Feb-09


Seaham streets central area 13th Feb-09


Discussion forum..  A picture upload facility has now been added 6th Feb-09


Various towns 1st Feb-09


Named faces in sections B F G 1st Feb-09


Seaham / Engravings 1st Feb-09


Seaham / Engravings 1st Feb-09


Seaham / Miscellaneous 1st Feb-09


Seaham / Dawdon 1st Feb-09


Blackhall 1st Feb-09


Sunderland / River 1st Feb-09


Seaham / Groups and workers 1st Feb-09




Shoebox / Marion Johnston 31st Jan-09


Seaham / Neighbourhood football 31st Jan-09


Sorry, nothing new this week but we have been busy behind the scenes, hopefully raising the profile of this site on the web. About 20 new photographs were also prepped to go in a couple of sections but we ran out of time so they won't appear on site until next weekend.

The new NAMED FACES section seems to be creating a lot of interest, thanks to everyone who has sent in pictures for this and other sections this last week or two.


Named Faces  / 120 new faces uploaded 10th Jan-09


Named Faces 4th Jan-09


Seaham /  Church Street 1st Jan-09


Seaham /  Bottle works 1st Jan-09




2009 UPDATES    2008 UPDATES