ALICE WILLCOCKS, (nee Johnston).

These are the memoirs of a lady whose life covered the years 1912-2008

Reproduced here with kind permission of her sisters Ivy and Lotte

HAPPY DAYS by Alice Willcocks

 “My Life in Seaham”

“I start this book at 9 o’clock on 1st Nov. 1975

and with God’s help I will finish it”

I was born on 23rd of July, 1912, the third child of a family of 9 children.

My father William Johnston, aged 34, married my mother, Isabella, aged 21, in 1908.

The children were, Donald, born 1908; Robert, born 1910, died 1915; Alice (that’s me), born 1912; Colin, born 1914; Gladys, born 1917; Agnes born 1918, died aged 3; Sally, born 1919; Lottie, born 1922; Ivy, born 1924.  

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